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We have amazing documentaries and films being made in Australia, by passionate filmmakers who want to share their work with the rest of the world. Yet often these talented filmakers struggle to get their films broadcast and seen by the general public.

Opal Broadcasting Network is a new broadcaster, utilising the internet, for professional filmmakers to broadcast their original content films. Broadcasting for independent professionals in particular is lacking, not only in Australia, but all over the world. This website is a place for talented filmmakers who have a story to tell and obtain access to an audience that are interested in the types of films Opal offers.

To make a submissions simply fill out the form in the link below:

Submit a Program


What we offer

Producers/Directors and/or filmmakers can upload their content for approval. Once approved Opal will give them a specific “online broadcast date” which will make sure the film is not lost in a sea of other films like on other websites, but allow us to promote and market the film.

Viewers will pay to stream the film, as many times as they wish. However the filmmaker will make 75% of the program sales, while Opal, will receive only 25%, to keep the site running. AND there are no upfront fees.

    Each film will be given:

  • A unique Online Broadcast date;
  • 75% of program sales;
  • Access to upload the program;
  • Program listing on the home page before, during and after the online broadcast date;
  • Program listings on email marketing before, during and after the online broadcast date;
  • Perpetual Marketing and listings for the life of the website;
  • Digital Content Delivery and video streaming set-up;
  • E-Commerce facilities;
  • Collect accrued payments and payment details;

Click to view a copy of the Producer Contract.


Approval Process

Opal Broadcasting Network requires films to go through an approval process. Unlike other websites, this is because not just anyone can broadcast with Opal. There are specific Program Content Guidelines requiring films to be of a high professional standard. This is just one aspect that sets Opal apart from the rest and it is this professional content we believe will keep viewers coming back again and again.

To start the process simply fill out the form in the link below:

Submit a Program


Film Festivals

Opal is a great way of expanding an audience for a Film fesitivals who are unable to attend either due to time factors or location.

Festivals may choose to stream all their films on offer or only part of their program, for a duration of their choosing.

    Before and during the event, each festival will be given:

  • it’s own Festival Page, that can be linked from their website, and placed on any marketing.
  • A listings on the home page within the top slider,
  • A listing on the home page under Festivals in the body of the content.
  • A listing on the home page under Festivals in the menu.
  • A listing on all marketing emails

Please email to discuss this further with us at any time at: